Fanshawe Yacht Club follows all current Government of Ontario Covid-19 Protocols

* BE SAFE:  Follow our COVID Code of Conduct. Wear a mask if you wish, wash hands often and stay home if you are not feeling well.

**Members & Visitors to FYC will sign this Release of Liability & Waiver Form

1. How do I become a member?

You can complete the membership application progress by Registering Online.

2. What types of boats are allowed at the Club?

For sailboats, any boat with a length under 26 feet is allowed. However, the club has recently expanded (by special request) to allow certain dragonboat, canoe, and kayak teams to join. Please Contact FYC if you are unsure if your craft qualifies. Powerboats in any shape and size are NOT permitted at FYC (this does not include the outboard motors used on sailboats).

3. Do FYC members have to pay to enter the Park / Conservation Area?

Yes. The Fanshawe Yacht Club is located within the Fanshawe Conservation Area controlled by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA). Most FYC members purchase a season Vehicle Pass rather than paying at the gate each visit; a more economic approach. In addition, the UTRCA requires that each boat used on the Lake must have a valid Boat Pass.

4. Does the Club lend, lease, or rent boats out?

Yes. FYC has a Leasing Program for graduates of the Sailing School (or any qualified club member) to use the School’s boats when they are not in use or already signed out. If you are interested in this program, please Click Here or contact the Leasing Coordinator in the drop down menu of our Contact FYC  form.

5. What docking / storage options are available at the club?

FYC has several options available for your boat when not in use: on-the-water moorings, shoreline docks, beach area, boats racks, and trailer parking (including boats on dollies). 
6. Can non-club members participate in FYC events?
Yes, everyone is welcome to take part in the Club’s open events. These include our Open House in May, June Bug Regatta in June, and the Pumpkin Regatta in October. All other events are restricted to club members only; however, members of FYC are welcome to bring guests to any event (Please note: if you want to bring a non-club member to compete in a closed club regatta you must first check the rules for the regatta or ask permission from the Race Committee Chair).
7. Why should I join FYC? What are the benefits?
Check out the Why You Should Join FYC article by long time FYC Member Jens Biskaborn on our Membership page.
8. Do I need to be a Fanshawe College student to be a member?
No. Fanshawe Yacht Club is not affiliated with Fanshawe College. FYC is so named as it resides on London’s Fanshawe Lake. Everyone is welcome to join.
My question is not listed above.
Have you checked the Sailing School FAQs?
If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please Contact FYC.