Saturday, October 1 & Sunday, October 2, 2022

Regatta open to Open to Members and all Sailing School Students* (this may change in 2022, please stay tuned. Below is the information for the 2021 Pumpkin Regatta)

NOTE: This regatta is still subject to possible last-minute cancellation because of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Coming together following FYC’s COVID-19 Code of Conduct. There will be no social aspect at this event. Participants bring their own food and beverages. The Pumpkin Regatta and entry to the Fanshawe Yacht Club are conditional on adherence to a strict Covid-19 policy put on place by the Board. The event is limited to 100 people on site at a time. Please limit your attendance to skipper, crew and absolutely essential support people only. PLEASE PREREGISTER (submit your name and phone number only; pay at registration on October 2) and SIGN A COPY OF THE FYC Covid Code of Conduct below if you have not already done so, and submit that at Registration.

Click Here to open the FYC Covid Code of Conduct

Covid-19 Impacts

Skippers and crew are reminded that all provincially-mandated and local regulations for dealing with the Covid-19 emergency are in force. All people coming onto the Club grounds must sign in at the gate with at least their names and phone numbers, for contact tracing purposes. Keep a 2 m distance from other people when not wearing a mask. Skipper and crew not from the same residence must wear a mask on their boat at all times. Failure to adhere to this requirement without good cause may result in disqualification without recourse to appeal. Safety boats may be available and manned; in extreme cases, the Club cannot guarantee that safety personnel will be able to continue wearing a mask throughout a rescue procedure. Please keep the ramps, docks and parking areas near the ramps free of parked vehicles in case of need to deploy emergency vehicles.


This regatta is a CLOSED event (2021), open only to all sailors who are members in good standing of Fanshawe Yacht Club or graduates of the Sailing School since January of 2019.

Race Starts

Our race committee always gives preference to water-based starts. If that is not possible, for instance due to inclement weather or a shortage of volunteers, land-based starts will be used. See the sailing instructions below for more information.

  • First Race: scheduled for Saturday at 11 AM.
  • Last Race: no start sequence will begin after 1:30 PM on Sunday.

Entry Fees

Single-Handed = $20 

Double-Handed = $30 

Junior Single = $10 

Junior Double = $20 

Learn to Race = Free

Race Documents

Registration Form = Please Print and Fill in to bring to Registration

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Sailing Instructions = Water-based Regatta

Click Here to View Water-based Regatta Instructions

Sailing Instructions = Land-based Regatta

Click Here to View Land-based Regatta Instructions

Driving Directions to Fanshawe Yacht Club

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