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Fanshawe Yacht Club follows all current Government of Ontario Covid-19 Protocols

* BE SAFE:  Follow our COVID Code of Conduct. Wear a mask, social distance & wash hands often

**Members & Visitors to FYC will sign this Release of Liability & Waiver Form

July 25, 20022

Great News!  Fanshawe Yacht Club has received an Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant!  This grant will help the Club rebuild and recover from the impacts of COVID-19 by upgrading existing sailboats, purchasing a new coaching vessel, and engaging coaching staff and volunteers.

See all the Details in this Press Release.

From The Commodore’s Desk

April 23 (updated May 7)

Hello and welcome to another season of Sailing.

Thank you so much for the fantastic job everyone did at the Work Party this past Saturday. The excitement of the different groups was palpable, and it made me excited to know we are once again going to have a full Club enjoying this wonderful property. 

Covid is still with us, and we must learn how to live with it, by following all the protocols the Ministry of Health and our Government have provided for us. We have gotten quite proficient at this after three years of practice. I know we will continue to be Covid Safe. We will be putting all our Events on the FYC Website, so you only need to look there to know what is coming up next. Carleen is doing an excellent job to keep us informed. 

On the second Friday of every month, (13th of May the first month) we will have a Potluck and Bonfire. Bring a favorite dish to share and if you play an instrument or would like to serenade us with your voice you will be welcome to the do so at the Bonfire following Supper. The last time we had this we started too early so this year show up at 5:30 p.m. to help setup the tables and we should start eating by 6 p.m. You may wish to bring the recipe for the dish you are going to share.

Our Sail Past and Commodores Reception is coming up on the 15th of May at 2:30 for the Sail Past (skippers’ meeting at 2:00 in the south parking lot). Once the skippers put their sails down and their boats on the Moorings, or Docks or on the Hard then we will gather in the Tent for the Commodore’s Reception at 4:30 p.m. You won’t want to miss this event because we will be celebrating the Members of the Year for 2019, 2020 and 2021. For those who are still a little nervous about gathering inside we will have some Picnic tables set-up outside too and the microphone to keep you in the loop**.  During this event, we will be having a Contest for who can make the best Tie, “What kind of Tie” you say? Use your imagination! Be creative! Our Members of the Years will judge this competition.

Keep well and I will look forward to greeting each of you at these events.

Bonita, your Commodore 

*Pictures from previous Sail Pasts & Commodore’s Receptions

**May 7 – masks will once again be required in indoor spaces until June 11. Thank you for your understanding.

2022 Membership Fee News!  
February 21, 2022
Attention sailors…  Remember, February is a short month. Don’t miss the opportunity to renew your FYC membership at the Early Bird fee. This is the last week you can do so. Fees will go up after February 28th.  Take a few moments and save yourself a few bucks! For more info, please Click Here.

From the Commodore’s Desk

January 14, 2022

Hello Members. While the Covid 19 pandemic is impacting our daily routine with changes in our personal lives and as well as world wide. self isolation, quarantine and social distancing can take a toll. It is comforting for me and hopefully you that by looking forward to planning our FYC 2022 Sailing Season we will provide moments of strength and hope that shows the resilience of our members. We can do this by working together to make 2022 one of our best sailing seasons yet.

Let me give you a few things to look forward to:

• First of all, I want you to know that you are Fanshawe Yacht Club’s greatest Resource, as you are our Ambassadors in the community. Talk to people about the club and encourage them to talk to others.
• We have a wonderful new website that goes live January 15, 2022 please do some surfing on this site to give your spirits a lift. Website is
• After the AGM in March you will have new Board of Director Members and SS Committee Members to meet, so introduce yourselves when you come to the club
• We are hoping to have some Dragon Boaters back at the club this season
• Community Living London hopefully will be able to join us again.
• Abilities In Motion will be paddling again.
• We have a full compliment of regattas planned so look ahead for those on the website calendar
• We are hosting an Open House, so sign up to help
• The second Friday of every month starting in June, bring you own food and enjoy a bonfire on the bluff overlooking the lake. Chickadees will share your food if you stand still and offer them some crumbs. Members with musical instruments will be there & if you have a story or a poem, you can jump right in to share
• Meet fellow sailors that you have not seen in awhile and catch up on their winter.
• Enjoy seeing children once again, at the club with their eyes wide in anticipation of what it is going to be like to sail their own boat.
• Volunteering will provide an avenue to make more friends and learn new tasks in the process
• We have some new-to-us books for you to borrow to encourage sailing adventures.
• Bring your paddle board, canoe or kayak and enjoy the lake
• Talk-up the club with family, neighbours and friends. This alone is contagious (but in a positive way)
• Think about the joy of coming first in the Wednesday Club races. These are where you practise what works and things that don’t. Just what is the best way to get the whisker poll out there anyway? Vera and Jeff can enlighten you with their technique.

Brighter days are ahead of us. We will talk soon. Stay safe.

Bonita, your Commodore        

Merry Christmas

& A Happy New Year

From Commodore Bonita

Christmas on the Boat


T’was the night before Christmas and anchored afloat,

Not a creature was stirring, inside of the boat.

The anchor was set with quite enough scope,

So the yacht would stay put… well at least that’s the hope!


T’was the night before Christmas, the boat gently rocking,

And hung on the mast were the holiday stockings.

One tree, a wreath, no candles, but lots of good cheer,

It’s joyful enough that we all can be here!


We wondered if Santa would somehow appear,

He can swim surely, but do his reindeer?

Do sleighs have EPIRB, AIS, and good charts?

We hope he is carrying sufficient spare parts.


T’was the night before Christmas when we heard an “ahoy!”,

It brought to our hearts such a feeling of joy!

We could be mistaken, the red light we saw,

Was it nav lights, or Rudolf, we watched it with awe.


Whether sailboat or sleigh, dancing waves with such ease,

Moving so swiftly with quite a good breeze.

Then heard in the distance as it seemed to take flight,

Happy Cruising to all, and to all a good night!


Author:  Kristian Beadle – Modified by Bonita

Posted December 16, 2021

The Final Dockside Scuttlebutt Newsletter by Sue Goldt      

November 4, 2021

Click Here to open the final edition of the FYC Dockside Scuttlebutt Newsletter by our intrepid editor Suzanne Goldt. Sue is laying down her pen after many years of documenting the news and changes at FYC. Thanks so much Sue for all you have compiled in the Scuttlebutt over the years!!

Stay tuned for more tall tales and yarns to be posted on our Scuttlebutt Blog on this website.

*If you would like to have a read through earlier editions of the Dockside Scuttlebutt, please Click Here!



After one of the high water events this Fall, a stuffed Tiger was found ashore at the club.  As 2022 will be the year of the Tiger, this must be a good sign of great things to come. 

Read all about our Name the Tiger Contest for Members on Page 3 of the most recent Dockside Scuttlebutt newsletter. Click Here to open the Newsletter in PDF format.

October 13, 2022:  With regret, the Annual Banquet scheduled for November 6, has been Cancelled. Please contact our Commodore if you have any questions.

From the Commodore’s Desk

October 7, 2021

WOW, what a roller coaster ride we had this season with the weather. In early September we had a weather anomaly something like a mini tornado that disrupted the moorings and sent boats closer to the main dock. One boat was found halfway up the lake with its mooring ball still attached. Our Harbour Masters, Carleen Hone and Jim McKenzie plus a few more volunteers were able to right the situation with a lot of hard work and ingenuity.

The next weather event happened on September 23rd with the reservoir lake rising by 4 ½ metres making access to the water impossible. Bob Magill, John Ellington, Rick Goldt and Jim McKenzie were instrumental in rescuing the moored boats by extending their mooring chains. They were able to prevent these boats from sinking. Then many more volunteers working together brought endangered boats (rescue, tenders, and personal dock boats) up to the south parking lot with the hope that the water would not get that far up.

I volunteered at Pumpkin Regatta with registration and then I assisted with flags on the barge as the regular volunteer was not able to make it. John Kabel, our Race Officer was very patient, informative while instructing me on the tasks I would need to do. Everyone should have this opportunity at some point during their time at FYC. It was an amazing learning experience for me. Watching the race from the barge was exhilarating. Learning about the required flags, not all by any means, but that is perhaps for another day or season. Many boats crossing the finish line separated by seconds is a real challenge, especially for a novice. John was very watchful and there were no infractions. Let’s not leave out the weather. It rained all day Sunday, but something that was incredible was a slight breeze pushed a fog bank across the lake and over the east side bluff right in front of us. I had not seen anything like this before.

I am looking forward to next season with renewed energy to resume our potlucks and bonfires. Please check the website as all events will be there in due course.

Now something a little more urgent. Our Banquet is coming up on Saturday the 6th of November. We must have at least 70 people attend and I need to notify the venue on 23rd of October.

You must have proof of two vaccines and photo ID to attend. This is a government mandate. Now it is easy to get your tickets. Go your bank’s website and login. Select E-Transfer. When asked for where the money should go type in [email protected] add the amount of money ($40 or $80 for two). Once the transfer is sent it is deposited directly to the FYC account. (If I can do it, so can you, it just sounds hard) I will get notification and will then send you your tickets in PDF form.

Now I know some of you may find this daunting and would like assistance from me. Please contact me at [email protected] or give me a telephone call and I will try to make different arranges with you so that you can get your tickets.

Be Well, Stay Safe and we will talk soon.

Bonita Magill, your Commodore

From the Commodore’s Desk

 Thursday July 15th, 2021

Fellow Members of Fanshawe Yacht Club we have good news coming our way with the Stage 3 reopening of Ontario.

The Minister of Health states masks and face coverings will remain in place in indoor public settings throughout Stage 3 as will physical distancing requirements. Masks will be required in some outdoor settings along with other public health measures. He will be encouraging people to wear masks for the coming months in an effort to reduce the transmission of the virus.

Excitement is in the air at FYC. More boats are on the water, including our youngest sailors in their Optis while enjoying their summer sailing camp.

Wednesday afternoon and evening informal races are now taking place.

We have already scheduled three regattas:

  • The Firefly Regatta to be held August 7th and 8th (members only)
  • The Summer Regatta scheduled for Aug. 28 & 29th (attendees in discussion)
  • The Pumpkin Regatta scheduled for Oct. 2nd and 3rd. (attendees in discussion)
  • More events will be scheduled in the coming weeks. As you know we have not had a Sail Past, the Commodore’s Regatta or a bonfire. Hopefully, these will be scheduled at some point.

Please remember to sign-in to the Contact Tracing Book at the entrance when you arrive at the Club

Come out to enjoy an evening sail with that special someone. The Club has been waiting patiently for your return. We have bald eagles, osprey, hawks, cormorants and humming birds onsite for those who enjoy birdwatching.

Don’t forget to drive slowly as our ground hogs have poor eyesight and will not see your vehicle coming.

Keep well and stay safe.

Commodore Bonita Magill

Commodore 2021