2023 FYC Banquet


The annual FYC Banquet took place in November at the Lamplighter Inn.  Almost 60 guests attended this traditional end of season dinner and awards night.  It was wonderful to meet some new members who have made their way through the Adult Sailing School and we look forward to seeing them on the water next season.  It was also great to see the Sailing School Race Team join the party as well. They had a super season of racing and really bonded as a team.

Guests enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner followed by a slideshow about Jim and Carleen’s adventure in the Netherlands in August.  Jim was asked to race an historic wooden sailboat called a 30 m2 with his best friend John and his brother Will (former FYC members) in the largest freshwater regatta in Europe called Sneekweek (pronounced “snake week”)!  Over 600 boats took part in the event and the Canadians had a blast.

The slideshow was followed by the awards presentation by Racing Officer John K.  FYC hosted 2 two regattas this season which were open to sailors from outside of the club – The June Bug Regatta and the popular end of season Pumpkin Regatta – as well as our own club regattas.

Jim presented Gilles with a special award – The “Best Swimmer” Upside Down Duck Hat for his heroic efforts to get back in his tiny Cape Cod Frosty and continue racing after it had capsized, losing most of its floatation during the very windy Wooden Boat Classic Regatta. This regatta is when fully grown adults squeeze into tiny boats to compete for glory and maybe a bag of spinach.

Click Here to go to the Racing & Regattas Page on our website for more info on the racing this season.

There was also Wednesday night informal racing and Sunday informal racing.  Some of our out of town racers who came to the Pumpkin Regatta commented on how great it was to be racing again at FYC. Now that we are post-Covid, the racing/sailing events seem to be back to normal. What a relief and what fun!

A HUGE Thank You to all of the FYC Volunteers who helped with the various jobs and events over the past season.  Many hands certainly make light work. Thank you everyone!

Thanks also to Vice-Commodore Emily for her hard work in organizing the Banquet.  Happy Holidays to all and wishing you all the Best for 2024!

Note: The FYC Membership Portal will be open soon!

C. Hone, December 13, 2023
Photos by J. Santos

Feel Good Article about a Winter Training Home for Rowbust!

Posted Nov. 13/23

The Rowbust Dragon Boat team which trains on Fanshawe Lake out of Fanshawe Yacht Club, got some great news about a place to train over the winter months, right here in London. 

An article on the Gameday London website about a year ago, prompted a wonderful response from GoodLife Fitness who agreed to help out the team.  Below is a piece from the November 13, 2023 Gameday Newsletter explaining how their original article about the cancer survivor dragon boat team got the sponsorship ball rolling.

Click Here to read the article which prompted GoodLife to step up and sponsor Rowbust.

Happy Monday!
I was reminded recently of a neat story we were involved with around a year ago, and I thought I’d share it. It was the result of a story we published that had a real impact on people’s lives. It still warms my heart …
After seeing a social media post from Rowbust, the all-breast cancer survivor dragonboat racing team, I realized I hadn’t seen their story told properly. I hadn’t seen an in-depth piece of journalism on the inspirational group of women.
I asked our Jason Winders if he’d be interested in tackling the assignment. Of course he would. And he definitely did it justice, writing a wonderful profile story on Rowbust – ‘champions on and off the water.’
And then something interesting happened.
Two days later, I was contacted by Brad Warren, manager of partnerships at GoodLife Fitness. He’d read the story and was inspired. Rowbust needed a new training home, and GoodLife wanted to help. ‘I would really like to discuss if there’s any way we can assist and support this team,’ Brad wrote.
I shared this information with Linda Kuska, a founding member and team captain of Rowbust. Twenty-four hours later, she replied to my email, ecstatic.
GoodLife had offered to sponsor the team’s gym memberships for the six indoor months of the year. They wanted to sponsor the group’s golf tournament, their Fanshawe dragonboat festival … ‘and on and on,’ Linda said.
‘It’s so crazy what this article has done for us … I don’t even know how to say thank you … that just doesn’t seem like enough! But thank you so very much!’ Linda wrote to us.
It made my day. Okay, it made my week. What a great feeling it was to have our work result in positive change for an inspiring group in the community.
We’re not activists. We’re journalists. But do we hope that positive change comes from the stories we write? Of course we do. And this was a fantastic example of that.
As Linda said, ‘This really is a good news story, and we need more of them!’
I hope you enjoyed the story. Have a great week — and see the photo below!
Todd Devlin
Gameday London

Fall Work Party!

Posted October 15

The 2023 Fall Work Party to close up Fanshawe Yacht Club at the end of the season took place on Saturday, October 14.

The day was cool, windy and a bit drizzly but this did not deter our volunteers from FYC, the Sailing School and the Dragon Boat Clubs from getting all of the jobs done on Vice Commodore Emily’s list!

Coffee and tea helped to keep the workers warm and a pizza lunch was quickly devoured.  

Most of the work wrapped up by mid-afternoon. Well done folks!

A big Thanks to everyone who came out to help on Saturday and those who helped on on a few tasks in the days before the work party.  

Photos below by P. Fuhry

2023 Pumpkin Regatta

Posted October 15

The Pumpkin Regatta is a favourite “end of season” regatta for sailors from FYC and for sailors from out of town.  In the past, the regatta has been held in all kinds of weather:  from driving rain, heavy winds, and even snow.  This year’s forecast for the regatta proved to be a little different – though, with a changing climate, perhaps this is not so different after all. 

London was in the midst of a fall heat wave. Temperatures were in the mid to high 20’s and the sun was bright and strong.  And the winds you ask?  Almost nil.  

The regatta took place on Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1.  There was a great crowd of sailors in several different classes eager to get the racing under way. Some came from Sudbury, the Windsor area, the GTA, Waterloo area, etc.  The classes were:

  • CS 22
  • Open B (Sirius 22, Paceship 19, Edel 540, Tanzer 22)
  • Laser
  • Y-Flyer
  • Wayfarer
  • Laser Radial where there was also a nice showing by some of the FYC Sailing School Race Team

The race committee managed to get one solitary slow race in late Saturday morning and that was it.  The wind completely died.

Of course, sailors will socialize when ashore and a fun time was had by all.  FYC volunteers served up a delicious Turkey Dinner on Saturday night and many yarns about past regattas were spun I’m sure.

Sadly, Sunday was a No Go as well as there was even less wind than Saturday!  

The winners of the only race were announced once the boats were packed up (click here to see the results). The Pumpkin Regatta Trophy was examined afterwards by several sailors who had never seen it before.  One of the young visiting racers was heard to exclaim “I’m going to have my name on a trophy like that someday!” An excellent goal!  Another young fellow who won the Laser Radial class, Ben, from the Tecumseh, area was amazed that his name and class would be etched onto the trophy!  I’ll try to post a photo once the engraving is done.

So a hot and non-windy Pumpkin Regatta is in the books.  Nobody I spoke with could remember a Pumpkin Regatta that warm…and it’s been held since the 60’s!

Photos below by C. Hone

2023 Wooden Boat Classic

The annual FYC Wooden Boat Classic Regatta took place on Sunday, September 24, 2023.

The regatta was run by Jim MacKenzie (who was once again bribed by a not-to-be-named competitor who conveniently brought a spare boat) with help from volunteers in the safety boat: Andy Turnbull, Bonita Magill, and Carleen Hone.

It was a lot of fun with a nice blend of goofiness, torture, and serious competition. Nine adult competitors raced in 3 different classes of tiny boats while enduring heavy winds, breakages, semi-sinkings and sore knees! Prizes ranged from Popeye’s Spinach to a can of RedBull to a can of air freshener! Next year a bottle of Tylenol may be added to the prize list!

Other Important Statistics:

  • Mike Taylor* = First-time competitor; Overall Winner! Biggest grin and fiercest competition face
  • John (“I Love the Commodore”) Vanderwerff = first time builder and competitor, won the Puddle Duck fleet!
  • Bob Magill = in his new-to-him, Algorand sponsored PD Racer
  • Chris Fogelman = best secondary propulsion method – a true cruiser is always prepared
  • Mike VanWiechen = master PD Racer builder – had 3 of his yachts in competition
  • Rick Goldt = The length to height ratio in the Frosty was impressive
  • Gilles Sweet-Boulay = first time competing in a boat almost as big as he is (with little to no floatation); he’s a great swimmer and carried on racing even after entirely swamping his tiny craft.
  • John Santos = Also a first-time competitor; had a blast and was often seen standing tall in the tiny boat while blasting around the course
  • Allen Elliott = First-time competitor and most colourful sail! Second overall in Race 4

Click Here for Results (updated Nov. 23/23)

Photos by C. Hone

Kate Easton wins the 2023 FYC Champion of Champions Race!

Kate Easton, racing a Laser Radial against the various winners of the other classes in the Club Championships, became the Best of the Best after a great weekend of racing  August 26 and 27th.  It was a fantastic regatta!  Big Shout Out to the FYC Sailing School Race Team who joined the FYC club members on the race course, raced really well and had a blast.

Click Here for photos, regatta info and link to the results.

Congratulations Kate!

Upcoming Events at FYC!

Updated Sept 9, 2023

2023 June Bug Regatta Rescheduled!!

Dear Racers – The June Bug Regatta, originally scheduled for June 3 & 4, has been RESCHEDULED to Saturday, June 24 & Sunday, June 25  

Click Here for Regatta Info

Updated June 8, 2023

FYC on the RADIO!

Click Here to listen to a CBC Radio Morning Segment about Fanshawe Yacht Club with Commodore Stacey and Past Commodore Bonita as they explain about sailing in London, the Open House and more.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Open House

Fanshawe Yacht Club was founded in 1953.

Join us at the Annual FYC Open House as we celebrate 70 years of fun on the water in London! 

Fanshawe Yacht Club welcomes members of the public to tour our facilities and to try sailing (weather permitting)!

Our club will be open Saturday, May 27 & Sunday, May 28, 2023        

Times: 10:00am – 4:00pm      

Check out the grounds at beautiful Fanshawe Lake. Enter through Fanshawe Conservation Area main gate off Clarke Road then proceed through the campground to FYC.    Free Admission!
*Note:  All Visitors over 18 must sign a Waiver and parents or guardians must sign for those under 18.  Click Here to view and/or print the Waiver
Click Here for more details about the Open House.

Sarah Douglas wins Gold in France!

Click Here to read about Sarah’s win in the ILCA 6 class at the French Olympic Race week. Article in Sail-World Canada.

April 29, 2023

Trailer Towing Tips

April 24, 2023

Check out the videos in the links below which demonstrate trailer towing tips to help keep you, your family, whatever you are towing, and others on the road safe!

Dangers of Improper Tongue Weight!

Tongue Weight Safety Demonstration

Towing Mistakes

The Tongue Weight of a Trailer Should be What Percent of the Total ...


If you have any further Tips for us, please Contact the Website Coordinator using the drop down arrow on our contact form.

Green Boating in 2023

The Green Boating Guide is an excellent resource for those on, in, or around water to understand how your actions can affect our water systems now, and in the future.

For more links to further reading, guides, education, online magazines and other excellent resources for sailors and boaters, please check out the External Links tab at the bottom of the FYC website