Saturday, June 8 & Sunday, June 9, 2024

Updated June 12, 2024


Click Here for 2024 Regatta Results!!  Photos to come…


Click Here for 2023 Regatta Results!!  Photo Gallery at bottom of page.  


The June Bug Regatta is Fanshawe Yacht Club’s classic summer regatta. Kick off the season by racing with us! 

This is an Open Regatta for all sailors (including sailing school students) – including those who are not members of FYC but who are members in good standing of a sailing club affiliated with Sail Canada, US Sailing or other National Authority-are welcome and encouraged to participate!

If you are not a member of a sailing club but want to race in one of our regattas, you can join Sail Canada via Ontario Sailing, and receive the Right to Race. Click Here and select “All Other Registrations” to begin the registration process to receive your membership card.



Saturday – wraps/half subs and peach cobbler with pop and coffee.

Sunday – Leftovers from Saturday!

Note:  as part of FYC’s Green Initiatives, we will not be providing bottled water. Please bring your own refillable water bottle.


Race Starts

Our race committee always gives preference to water-based starts. If that is not possible, for instance due to inclement weather or a shortage of volunteers, land-based starts will be used. See the sailing instructions below for more information.

  • First Race: scheduled for Saturday at 11 AM.
  • First Race on Sunday around 9:30 start
  • Last Race: no start sequence will begin after 3:00 pm Saturday or 1:30 PM on Sunday.


Regatta Fees 

**Please bring CASH**

Adult (Single) = $35 

Adult Crewed (Skipper plus one or more) = $60 

Junior  Single (<16 years old) = $20 

Junior Crewed (all <16) = $30 

Learn to Race (Have not sailed in a formal regatta before 2022) = FREE

Extra Crew, any boat, each = $10


Registration & Racing Instructions

Click the link to Open  2024  NOTICE OF RACE  (NOR uploaded May 11, 2024)

To Register:  Click Here or the Red Button at top of page  (note: This online form helps us to prepare the correct amount of food and drinks for racers ahead of time!  It does not have an online payment option at this time so please bring CASH to the regatta check in on Saturday morning)

Registration Form = If you prefer to register with a paper form, please Print and Fill in to bring to Registration   Click Here to Open Registration Form

Sailing Instructions = Water-based Regatta (Updated June 20, 2023)   Click Here to View Water-based Regatta Instructions 

Sailing Instructions = Land-based Regatta   Click Here to View Land-based Regatta Instructions

Driving Directions to Fanshawe Yacht Club   Click Here to View Directions


**FYC Members & Visitors will all sign this Liability & Waiver Form


Please direct all Inquiries to Racing Organizer Andrew Paul at 519-318-1059, email [email protected]  or use drop down arrow on the Contact FYC form


*This regatta will follow current Covid-19 guidelines. Please check out the FYC Covid Code of Conduct.


June Bug 2023 - Photos by Mark Cole