Trying to Find my Boat: Everglades Challenge 2023 by HoraceWimp (aka Andrew Findlay)

Please Click Here to read an incredible tale by one of this year’s Everglades Challenge Competitors, Andrew Findlay.

Editor’s Note: The Everglades Challenge is a 300 mile, unsupported adventure race for small boats, eg. kayaks, sailboats and even paddleboards! Jim tried part of this race back in 2017 on his little trimaran Leftovers. This year we followed the competitors down the coast of Florida from St. Petersburg to Key Largo, scouting for the next time he will try it.

We met “HoraceWimp” as he sailed into Checkpoint 3 at Flamingo Center, Everglades National Park in Florida. (every competitor chooses a nickname) This is the final checkpoint which the Challengers must check in at before heading across Florida Bay to the finish at Key Largo. When Andrew told his tale to the well-seasoned checkpoint captains, who have many Challenges under their belts, they just couldn’t believe it.

At the awards ceremony, “Paddledancer”, Paula who helps to run this race, stated that they don’t believe they’ve ever had a competitor use public transportation! Andrew is a great guy and we were very happy to shoot the breeze with him over a delicious lunch at Mrs. Mac’s in KL. We are so thankful that he was ok in the end. Here are a few additional pictures of Andrew and his boat from the finish area in Key Largo.