How to Sail a Sailboat

From Dave Barry, Humourist Figure out where you want to go. Whichever way it is, do NOT aim the sailboat in that direction Aim the sailboat in some other direction Trust me, this is the way sailboaters do it. They are heavy drinkers.

Monday Kaffeeklatsch @FYC

A few photos of this past Monday's gathering of some of our seasoned sailors on the deck at FYC. A lot of yarns and tall tales are often told I'm sure! Photos by G. Triesman

The Duen Cruise by Jack Blocker

A Cruise on the Shetland Bus During a recent visit to Victoria, BC, as I strolled around the harbor my eye was caught by a signboard offering 3-hour sailing cruises on an interesting-looking boat docked nearby. What really got my attention was a note that the vessel had been part...