Fanshawe Yacht Club follows all current Government of Ontario Covid-19 Protocols

* BE SAFE:  Follow our COVID Code of Conduct. Wear a mask, social distance & wash hands often  

**Members & Visitors to FYC will sign this Release of Liability & Waiver Form

Dockside Scuttlebutt Newsletter is now Archived Here

For many years, the Dockside Scuttlebutt Newsletters kept members informed about happenings at FYC.  Recently, the FYC website has more or less taken the place of the Newsletter.  So, the final Scuttlebutt has been posted on this page along with years of previous editions.  Our sincere thanks to Suzanne Goldt and Ralph Smith for their years of effort compiling these wonderful newsletters. 

Click on the Links below to read earlier versions of the Dockside Scuttlebutt.