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*ad photo below is from 1926!

May 7, 2022

Wooden Dinghy & Dolly For Sale

I have a dinghy for sale. It is 8′ by 4′ and weighs more than 150 pounds. It has added floatation and the wood has been refinished.
The hull has been repainted and Mike Morris did a good job wet sanding the topsides smooth. Price $650.
Also there is a Beach Dolly that is made of steel with hard tires. It was a laser dolly that has been shortened to fit a 9′ boat or less. The dolly is about 6′ wide. Price $300.
Contact: Chris Fogelman
December 6, 2021

For Sale:  Wooden Rudder & Centreboard – Could be good for a Puddle Duck or any 13′ boat – $20 OBO

Also available – several aluminum booms and masts 

Contact: Jim MacKenzie

[email protected]

J MacKenzie 3
J MacKenzie 2
J MacKenzie 1